5 Easy Ways to Win More Competitions

how to win more competitions5 Ways to win more competitions

Everyone like to win competitions but many don’t any strangely many do, why is this, what can tip the odds in your favour?

  1. Enter as many competitions as you can
    It’s a statistics game, the more times you enter the better your odds of winning.
  2. If you have limited time just enter the competitions with the BIG prizes.
    Often people don’t enter competition with big prizes like cars, or travel competitions because they mistakenly believe they will be so popular that the volume of entries will mean the odds are against them. This isn’t true, usually these types of competitions get as many entries as others, if they get more they are frequently duplicate entries.
  3. Make an effort
    Part of the reason businesses run competitions is to collect your data, if it’s clearly wrong, or just input from ‘keyboard mashing’ you are unlikely to be awarded a prize even if randomly drawn.
  4. Be creative and funny
    Even if the competition is a random draw, it still pays to be funny and creative with your entry, the person selecting is human after all and they’ll appreciate something that stands out.
  5. Avoid using international free email addresses like gmail
    Again it comes down to data, but also spam. Competition entry forms get ALOT of bogus entries from spammers. For this reason accurate, New Zealand based email addresses will typically be favoured in a competition draw over gmail, hotmail or yahoo email accounts.

Good luck and be sure to check back at Blinky regularly for the latest NZ competitions.