Garbage Pail Kids 30 Years on

garbage pail kiddyIf you were a child of the 80’s like me you will remember many things, from watching Spot on, Rainbow, After School and Dukes of Hazard, to trotting off down to the local Four Square or Dairy to get your bubble gum pack of Garbage Pail kids.

I loved those cards and took great pains to collect the whole set, proudly showing them off to the other kids in Standard 2, before losing the good ones in a game of marbles.

For those of you that don’t know them they were the F’d up version of the cutsie Cabbage Patch kids dolls they were also doing the rounds circa 1982.

Anyway its time to revisit the 80’s and at the same time push forward 30 years… (cue dream sequence start…)

Two very talented artists named Jake Houvenagle and Brandon Voges have faithfully given there interpretation of how these delightful 80’s characters may look today, I’d didn’t think it would be possible but these reimaginings are bewilderingly creepy.

garbage pail kid 30 years on

Photo Copyright – Brandon Voges and Bruton Stroube










Check out Jake and Brandon’s website to view the pictures complete with an updated bio of your childhood friends